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Here you will find a description of how our Nassenheider evaporators work and which of the evaporators on offer is best suited to your hive and mode of operation. In the download area you will find a detailed comparison of the products.

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The Nassenheider evaporator is a long-term evaporator for 60% formic acid. Since 1995, it has been successfully used hundreds of thousands of times worldwide for the treatment of varroosis (Varroa destructor) of honey bees (Apis mellifera).

An initial treatment after the honey harvest in summer is important in order to interrupt the development of Varroa at an early stage and still harvest residue-free honey. The formic acid also works in the capped brood. A second treatment in September kills new Varroa mites that have entered the colony. This treatment method ensures healthy winter bees and strong colonies in the following spring. A winter treatment, e.g. with oxalic acid, is not absolutely necessary.

The consistently low daily dose over a long period of 10 days combines a treatment that is gentle on bees and beekeepers with outstanding success. The beekeeper saves time and effort compared to other treatment methods that do not kill the mites in the brood. As 60% formic acid is used, the risk to the beekeeper's health is minimised if a few rules are observed and the treatment can still be carried out easily.

Even after the standard authorisation of formic acid expires in 2026, the Nassenheider evaporator can be used legally in Germany together with the product "Ameisensäure 60 Bernburg" from Serumwerk Bernburg AG.

Formic acid is a natural component of honey in small quantities, so there is no need to be afraid of unnatural chemical substances. Varroa treatment with formic acid is also authorised for organic beekeeping.

The products Evaporator Professional (30020), Evaporator Universal H (30025) and Evaporator Universal R (30026) all work on the same long-proven and patented evaporation principle.

The only difference between the evaporators is the location in the beehive:

For the Evaporator Professional you need a sufficiently large space above or behind the brood chamber. This space must be at least 235mm long x 360mm wide x 70mm high. Here you can use for example an empty frame, half frame or an inverted feeding trough for magazine hives. If you cut the supplied trough a little bit to size, you can also use this evaporator in even smaller hives, such as Mini-Plus hives.

You do not need this empty space for the Universal H evaporator. This evaporator is therefore ideal for rear-treatment hives, Swiss boxes, trough hives, one-room hives and similar hives, but also for magazine hives - in this case you save the need to put on the empty frame. The evaporator is installed in an empty frame. This frame is inserted into the upper brood chamber instead of a rim honeycomb. It is important to ensure that this frame is inserted as far away from the air hole as possible. Very special frame sizes can also be used: It only has to be observed that the sub-carrier has a minimum length of 250mm inside.

The Universal R evaporator is constructed in exactly the same way as the Universal H evaporator, but is supplied fully assembled in a universal plastic frame measuring 370mm x 220mm. This fits all common frame sizes: German standard size, Zander, Dadant, Langstroth etc. For the larger frame sizes, the evaporator frame is held in position by means of lateral ears which rest on the hive wall and the adjacent frames.

In this video you can see the exact working method with the Evaporator Professional:

In the second video you can see how the Universal R evaporator works:

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